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I believe in the authenticity and realness of raw captured moments in life. I am a Bundaberg based girl so if anyone knows that where I live we have seven beaches and wants to get married or elope or shoot a profile shoot on one of them or all seven in one day, I am your girl. I want to create killer moments for my couples and artists and it is most likely I will become friends with you because no one I book is a date on a calendar or another SD Card, you are a human being I am invested in to make sure your moment is captured perfectly to show who you are, and I think that showing the real raw you is something pretty spectacular. If you want me to capture your moment but you don’t live in my town or in Queensland no stress! I love to travel, and I wish I could travel all day everyday so let’s get chatting and work out travel to you!

I want to express art direction + creative drive. I want to capture real, raw + intimate moments between two souls. I want to capture the moments people look back on before their success takes off. This space is for the people madly in love, the souls eloping with their soulmate, the creative minds, the artists, my kind of people. As a creative your life is based on thriving on the idea of creativity and basically your own talent, what I want to do as a photographer is give art direction to other artists, capture moments between two people whether it be on their wedding day, whether their eloping or any regular day filled with mad amounts of love for each other, I want to give people imagery that will be of something else. I learn, create and I thrive. I am continuously ‘in the making’ of my work, for the idea of making my own creative path, so, let’s thrive together, let’s chat, let’s collaborate, let’s get a coffee or let’s get a beer and let’s chat, let’s chat about planning your day, how you want your moment captured whether your an artist or marrying the person your crazy about.

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Leave me a note or, if wanting to book a session for either wedding, elopement + couple photography or artist + profile photography go to the Get In Touch page and fill out the contact form concerning your type of booking.


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