Maternity Mini Sessions

The booking payment for CLIENT/S session is NON-REFUNDABLE. A deposit stated on CLIENT/S invoice is due within 24 HOURS of CLIENT/S invoice having been sent. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. This deposit secures CLIENT/S session and booking with MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. Should this agreement be breached in any way shape or form or CLIENT/S not show up to their session the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be liquidated to insure the damages to MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. The remaining amount of CLIENT/S payment is to be paid in full up until 2 DAYS before CLIENT/S secured date with MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. If the full payment is not received 2 DAYS prior to your session MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY is not obliged to photograph your session to breach of contract.
This is a contract for photography services to be provided to CLIENT/S (Hereafter referred to as CLIENT/S) by MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY (Hereafter referred to as MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY). This agreement suspends all prior agreements, it contains the entire and full understanding between both CLIENT/S and MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. Please see page 2 – 3 for all terms and conditions.
The services of MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY for CLIENT/S session will be secured once CLIENT/S have submitted the contract agreement and booking details along with the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. By paying the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit you understand the contract and agreement.
Unless discussed prior to this agreement MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY, associates or employees will be the exclusive photography(s) at the CLIENT/S session. CLIENT/S and MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY agree to obtain cheerful cooperation and communication with each other to achieve the possible result within the understanding of this agreement and contract. MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY is not responsible if key individuals fail to cooperate during session portraits and are not photographed due to this. CLIENT/S understand MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY is to be notified and have in writing should they want to have anything photographed in a particular way. MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY is not responsible for not capturing desired portraits if no one highlights and identifies these details on the day.
If CLIENT/S appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are showing highly disrespectful behaviour throughout the session MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY has the absolute right to immediately cancel the photographing of the session due to liability and risk of health concerns or damage to MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. CLIENT/S understand MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY is limited by the location site/venue and time schedules.
Photographs produced by MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY are protected by copyright law (all rights reserved). The copyright of MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY photographs remains with MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. The images produced by MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY once delivered to the CLIENT/S are allowed to be used for personal and personal use only by CLIENT/S. MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY photographs are not to be edited, retouched or reproduced in any way shape or form as it does not represent the true quality of MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY’s work. MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY does not provide unedited photographs to CLIENT/S as it does not represent the face or quality of what MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY presents. When publishing photographs for commercial or personal use MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY must be noted as the photographer. If photographs are used for commercial branding CLIENT/S must have written permission by MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY to overlay branding of any sort.
CLIENT/S hereby grant MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY and all legal representatives, successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, attorneys and agents the irrevocable unrestricted and unlimited right to use the CLIENT/S photographs for editorial, trade, advertising and competition or any other purpose and in manner, to alter the photographs without restriction; and copyright of the photographs. The CLIENT/S hereby release MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY and all legal representatives, successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, attorneys and agents from all liability and claims in connection with the photographs.
If MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY in the unlikely event becomes injured or too ill or has an emergency that prevents them from photographing the session MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY will contact the CLIENT/S in discussing the finding of a replacement photographer. If a replacement photographer cannot be found, then liability is limited to a return of any payments received. MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY takes the upmost care of your photographs to prevent the loss or damage to images. However, in the event that the photographs are lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons within or beyond MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY’s control, MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY and CLIENT/S understand that liability is limited to the return of payments received.
Photographs are expected to be edited and delivered to clients within 3-6 weeks after the session date. Online downloadable galleries are expected within this time frame. Albums, USB’s and extras will be available from between 3-5 weeks after they are completed are ordered. These items can be picked up from MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY‘s home residence appointment only (please email MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY for current address) Contact MADDISON JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY if you are in need of a shipping quote due to not be local.