Let's Create Something This World Hasn't Seen

And Get Your Name The Hell Out There

I want to express art direction + creative drive. This space is for the creative minds, the musicians, the photographers, the film makers, the graphic designers, the writers, the fashion designers, the interior designers, the artists, my kind of people. As a creative your life is based on thriving on the idea of creativity and basically your own talent, what I want to do as a photographer is give art direction to other artists, I want to give people imagery that will be of something else. I learn, create and I thrive. I am continuously ‘in the making’ of my work, for the idea of making my own creative path, so, let’s thrive together, let’s chat, let’s collaborate, let’s get a coffee or let’s get a beer and let’s chat.

Here's the 'so',

But not the so in films 'like where are we going with this', well yes but no, the so is that the thing about me and my work is I believe in authenticity + moments. I am invested in the idea of humans thriving in their own industries + styles, what my goal is, is to thrive together and create something real together, in real time.

So if you weren't like 'woah', I don't know what to tell you other than your probably sitting reading this going, 'okay cool you've said all that, big whoop why should I stick around?', well here's the thing, I work with creatives on a daily basis, I have a team made up of a photographer (oh hey that's me), a couple of graphic designers, some muso's and some artists, and we don't just sit around and talk about who we are, we work tirelessly to make our visions + goals happen and to make a world of creatives thrive. So your here now so why not take a chance, I would really love to work with you, capturing the moment in your life, whether it's the photo I take or the moment itself where you go, that's where I started, now I'm killing it. Let's get you thriving, let's make your vision, your new reality.

Thinking Of Booking A Shoot?

I have worked and am currently working with artists from various genres under the term 'creative'. I want to work + collaborate with you to give your business the zest of life it needs by having photos of you splashed all over the place so people get to know who they are working with without even enquiring first, let's capture images of you to build success. I want to take your authenticity and aesthetics of style and turn them into something you can use over and over again, and plus, it doesn't hurt to have some banging photos of yourself either.