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About MJP

Maddison Jayne Photography started one afternoon when I spent the day at Agnes Waters with my boyfriend, taking endless destination shots all starring him, discussing the possibilities of a career as a photographer, back then it was all just a conversation of a dream.

I am a starting photographer based in Bundaberg Queensland, Australia and I will travel the globe to capture your love, event and moments. For me photography has been something I have always done without realising, I would always grab the camera as a kid and snap shots of my two dogs and every inch of the garden, I would even take photographs of my friends in different poses with my mums old SLR.

I cover everything from engagements, to elopements, to weddings, to brand shoots/events to destination photography. It started from one afternoon at Agnes to covering a brand shoot for Valley Monsters to my sister “in law”‘s engagement to now working my way to make a career out of being a photographer, building a website and name for myself. My full name is Maddison Jayne Doolan, a girl who moved through playing instruments to daily blogging, to painting daily to now, a photographer. My love for photography came from street art, graffiti, back streets, valleys, old buildings, and weddings, capturing the deep love between to souls, two complete different spectrums.

My brother and I once spent a Sunday afternoon in a space called Jugglers, watching him spray paint madness onto old brick walls and there I spent three hours photographing his progression, from here I photographed every corner of my small world.

I want to take people, couples, groups and make a creative community through the work I do, from shooting the urban and run down arichtectual streets and valleys, to shooting where your love, relationship and journey will take me. I love creating relationships with the people I work with and meet throughout my travels, I thrive on the idea of collaborating with people who are for the creative mind.

If you like my style, want to work and collaborate two or more creative minds together contact me and we can thrive, capturing your moment, creating something real and worth while whether its your wedding day, your elopement, or your company’s brand launching.


May – June 30th 2018

Wide Bay Region
(enquire for travel to other places)

August 1st – September 31st 2018

Wide Bay Region
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast
(enquire for travel to other places)

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