Meet The Photographer


I am often asked what made you start Maddison Jayne Photography, and I respond with the fact that in my work I want to capture the intimacy shown between the human connection of two souls, two people madly in love whether it be on their wedding day or any regular day. I want to capture real moments in real time, things you can’t repeat, do again or duplicate.

Maddison Jayne Photography started out one afternoon of taking photos of my loved one along the coastal line, at the time it was just a laugh of an idea. I am an Australian Wedding + Elopement + Engagement + Couple Photographer, who also covers individuals, branding + product photography, based in Bundaberg Queensland who will travel the globe, anywhere and everywhere to capture your moment. If you want spontaneous, out of the blue + unforgettable moments, captured than we would be a perfect match, let’s get in touch. It all happened it one night and now here I am, working, growing my portfolio and get bookings all to do the one thing I love, capturing moments.

My love of photography began with an old SLR at the age of seven, back then I had no idea it would turn into my career. I put all my time into planning shoots to build my port folio and starting from the bottom at 17, I am still starting out and building but falling more in love with my job every single day. When I had graduated high school I wanted to plan weddings and the day people took being madly in love with each other to the next step. One day I thought why plan them when I can capture them, I love to capture moments and the human connection through pure moments and the way you see people in love look at each other as if there was no one else around. Being a creative I spend every minute in the day creating, growing and learning, taking pride and thriving in my work. I always felt out of the stereotypical spectrum people forced on me at school to study and conform with school subjects, yet I never felt like it was all for me and then I came across my love for photography and turned it into a career and I have never felt more like myself or more alive.

If you are planning on eloping, having a wedding ceremony or are newly engaged or just wanting to get photos done with your lover, or of your brand or just yourself, I think we can figure something out. I love to hold human connection within my photographs, creating relationships with the people I work with and meet throughout my travels, I thrive on the idea of collaborating with people who are for spontaneity, the creative mind and are just madly in love. If you like my style and want to work together let’s get in contact, hit the ‘Let’s Chat’ button beneath and let’s thrive, capturing your moment, creating something real, in real time.