April 26, 2022


The Lynch’s
When I first met Katelyn & Shaun I was really just getting into the groove of a full time photography business, finding my niche & working on my style as a creative & photographer. We arrived at the beach and down walk these two beautiful human beings with a ridiculous amount of love for one another & from that moment I found my style in letting the couple flow and be completely themselves while I just snapped away chatting with them & talking all things about their love & how they met. From there grew a lovely friendship, so much that on Saturday, their wedding day I was made to feel like family by not only themselves but their loved ones who had watch me document their love story. When Katelyn met Shaun she couldn’t believe guys like him still existed.
Shaun and Katelyn were introduced by a friend just after high school, who thought their lame sense of humour would match perfectly. She wasn’t wrong, as they say they tell equally lame jokes, personally I think they are both hilarious. The first time they met, Shaun pulled up in his ute and raced around to get Katelyn’s door, Kate remembers thinking to herself, wow, I didn’t know these guys still existed. They ate ice cream and talked for a while before he dropped her to a friends house. The next date revealed that Shaun loves to dance, so much so that he spontaneously started busting a move in the movie carpark. A few weeks later, he asked Katelyn to be his girlfriend on the 17th of April 2012, since 17 is both of our birthday numbers, he thought it was the perfect date. From day one, Katelyn thought Shaun was the kindest, most caring person she had ever met, and she knew their love was something special.
After 9 years you’d think Kate was expecting it, but Shaun didn’t give a single thing away as to when the proposal would happen. Shaun and Katelyn love adventures and when they get the chance to escape work, they are finding new places to explore. They started with a road trip up to Airlie beach and they had lots of things planned for our trip. The night before the proposal Katelyn had planned their day to go for a hike and booked lunch, but when the morning came, Shaun said he had a different plan for the day and told Kate to dress casual and wear her swimmers. Slightly suspicious of what he was up to, they jumped in the car and headed to the secret destination. Shaun spent the drive making up crazy ideas of what they were doing skydiving, swimming with sharks, going to the local pool to see Katelyn’s reaction until we arrived at the airport and our helicopter. They flew over the Great Barrier Reef and a special stop over “heart reef”. On the way back, we landed on white haven beach and the pilot had set up a picnic and champagne. As Katelyn turned around, Shaun was kneeling down and asking her to marry him! She was lost for words & couldn’t speak. She said yes of course.
A love story worth telling if you ask me, these two beautiful souls know how to personally touch and show love to each and everyone around them, their warmth and kind hearts are what make them two beautifully incredible people who happened to find the perfect fit in one another. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lynch, you two hold such a special place in my heart.
Vendors /
Suit: Tarocash
Hair: Aria Hair
Location: Eleven Acres
Musician: Matt Fasso
Cake: Krazy Cakes
Videographer: A JAKE FILM