November 13, 2020

The Youngs, Alexa & Scott | Fairymead House Elopement

The Youngs,

Alexa & Scott, an afternoon of simplicity, intimate moments, elegance & the beauty of romance & love is the perfect way to describe the vows & rings exchanged at Fairymead House on Tuesday evening. Your love is authentic, unique, kind and vibrant like your two souls. You both know the love I have for you as people & a couple so in your own words from the song you chose to walk down the aisle to, here are the words I think highlight you & your relationship as two people, completely right for the other.

‘What they’re thinkin’, what you’re feelin’,
You no longer have to guess
All those questions are finally put to rest
When the right one comes along

In a cold world, it’s a warm place
Where you know that you’re supposed to be
A million moments full of sweet relief
When the right one comes along

It’s so easy, nothin’ to it
Though you may not believe me now
But I promise, honey you’ll find out
When the right one comes along
All that changes is only everything
When the right one comes along.’