Steff + Daniel | The Proposal

Last Saturday I received a text message from Dan around an hour before their session asking if he could propose during the session out at the forestry. I immediate response was yes!

We then spent the short time we had planning how it would all go down. We arrived at the first location and when Steff got out of the car she had told me how Dan was more nervous than usual. I wonder why? We began their session and in the moments leading up to the proposal these two poured their love for one another into the shoot. The way they talked, laughed and looked at each other, it was like something out of a movie, and with the final moments they spent as just a couple were so simply beautiful.

The proposal, might I mention, we happened to choose the one afternoon where a huge thunderstorm was supposed to hit the forestry but without hesitation we said let’s do it and see what hits us. Well it turned out to be more beautiful than I think any of us imagined. We arrived at the second location, now the plan was for Dan to go back to the car saying he needed a drink of water and then he would grab the ring but we were meant to grab their hats as the excuse, however after he proposed we laughed about it because I asked Steff and Dan if they needed to get their hats and Steff was like oh no I don’t think so, then Dan and I looked at each other like oh how do we do this, so we quickly covered it by him saying I needed a drink and I took Steff a little further away to take photos of her. He then came back and I told them to walk together, Steff just in front a little more, I than told her to turn around and what happened next I believe you can guess, that’s when Dan dropped the question, the moment was so truly beautiful, I was crying behind my camera, being able to capture moments like this one is why I love just what my career holds. The moment where a couple become fiancés and begin the start of planning the rest of their life together. Congratulations Steff and Dan, I truly hope I can capture many more beautiful moments for the two of you, you are so kind and loving and just an absolute hoot to photograph. Anyone else think Dan did a fabulous job on the ring?


The Proposal


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