Isis + Jesse | Oceans Intertwined Lovers Styled Shoot


Every now and again I’ll have the chance to create styled shoots with couples and artists that screams Maddison Jayne Photography. On Thursday afternoon my mood board of ocean waves and lovers entangled and intertwined, came to life. Isis + Jesse, two souls fiercely in love frolicked their heart for each other through the movement of the ocean, as they got tangled up together the waves washed their love into the seas of passion. Isis + Jesse, thank you for helping me to create my summer ocean lovin’ dream by capturing your want for one another in the waves on the sunset.

Our love for each other is like the oceans love for the sand, we feel it so deeply we intertwine ourselves together every night to venture again each morning, always returning to where our chaotic waves feel calm.


These past few months have been filled with finding myself, my style, working on what works and what doesn’t, finding new in all things and branching out. Whenever I feel lost I go home and that is to the ocean, this is where my love for the water comes from and the passion for my couples to fall in love with each other again by the waters edge at sunset. Life can be full of being tangled up, finding your way out of a rip and needing to surface for air after feeling held down. Life throws waves like nothing else, waves of change, these waves in the past few months I have been so grateful for them. In a short period of time so much has come and go and happened in my life at 19. Yes, I’m 19. I’m so grateful for the waves even though at first they terrified me. In a short period of time I completed my goals for my business for the new year, set goals to set myself up and gave them a good kickstart and all in all took time to find myself and my business and put it where it needs to be, honing in on my style. A dear friend once told me your captions are everything, so I hope this is one that catches the eye. I think I love the ocean for many reasons, not just my couples, it’s like I resonate so much with waves of change that I guess my love of the ocean feels like home, a constant change of beautiful. Be so so brave for the changes coming will only make you stronger, more fierce and more prepared and happy then you have been. You’ve got this.


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