Mel + Trent’s Engagement

Today as I sit down + write out this blog post there are so many thoughts of the beautiful moments captured during Mel + Trent’s session yesterday afternoon. Things happen for a reason, Mel shared, first we had each other, now we have you. This statement alone was enough, their love for one another will now only truly grow more as they venture into parenthood, their love + bond of two will become three + . it will be the most beautiful of journeys to be had. Mel + Trent originally had booked a couples session with myself and somewhere out of the blue the session went from two people in love to two people more in love, engaged + expecting a new addition to their family. Moments like these are the reason I stand behind a camera to capture the sweet + blissful moments we call life. Mel + Trent your love is strong, beautiful, binded, unique + full of warmth. Congratulations on baby Arnold who I more than anything look forward to meeting + on your engagement for your love is one of a kind and is soon to be tied by the knot of marriage.


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