Sarah + Joel

The story behind these two beautiful human beings, Sarah + Joel were friends of Anthony’s long before mine, I was a rather shy sixteen year old which was when I first met Sarah and when I say shy I mean I didn’t talk at all! Anthony and I started dating when we were two months into our senior year at school which is when I started to come out of my shell a bit and started to talk to both Sarah + Joel. A year later I started my business and the first ever photoshoot I did was of Sarah + Joel asking them to help me out. Well, it’s now a year later from the first photoshoot with them, after that session my business took off and here I am with a totally new style, a business that I love more than I can put into words and two dear friends to thank for helping me get off of my feet in the photo sense. I am about to go to a Wedding Expo where my business and work will be on showcase and more than anything I wanted to feature the two people who helped me out in the beginning with my new style and to showcase just how far I have come from that first session out on a dirt road in North Bundaberg. So here are some of my favourite moments from Sarah + Joel’s session a year later from their first and oh how I love them so dearly!



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