Girls Supporting Girls

The best thing about this whole shoot
was the beautiful human beings behind
these girls, helping me out when wanting
to try something new. What I wanted for
this session was to promote the idea of
girls supporting girls in a more authentic
and fun way. As a photographer life can
get busy trying to support yourself in a
business so I wanted to turn that idea
into girls supporting girls in their current
aspects of life. For instance a group of
girls all busy with their own lives coming
together to do something for fun and for
an underlying cause. What I didn’t tell
them was it wasn’t just about them
supporting me with helping me create
the project, it is also about me supporting
them in showcasing young girls today
and the career and goals they are carrying
out, for instance shown here is a up and
coming singer in the music industry, a
fashion designer creating a label, a dancer
being signed to long term contracts for
her talent having just finished a year at
Ikin Dance, a girl working her way through
a physio course following out her career
goals and a girl having just graduating
senior working towards her goal of becoming
a nurse and a midwife through studies in
the coming years. All of these young women
are extremely empowered and driven and I
thank them immensely for coming together
and helping me put my ideas into photos on
girls supporting girls.



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