Kate Gill

Kate Gill is a singer currently spending her weekends
singing in restaurants and doing gigs wherever they
pop up. Gill and I have been friends since we were
about twelve and all I can say is her singing has
always been utterly unbelievable, this girl has a talent
like no other. She now has her own youtube channel
packed with covers of artists and I will be leaving the
link because you will listen to one and an hour later
will find yourself having listened to them all. She is a
total boss babe going for that end goal and is
continuously working on her singing career. Plus, as I
mentioned she has crazy talent.

Working with her was the most fun I have had as a
photographer, hands down my favourite shoot, getting
to capture images of a starting artist which will one
day be photos from the beginning of her career in
music. And not going to lie but I finally got to do a
more alternative shoot and it is what I have been
looking to do for quite sometime. It was more of an
inspiring shoot to work on, when working with other
artists I feel motivated to work harder and keep
pursuing goals and sort of narrow my style to what I
really want out of my career. Kate is an extremely
inspiring person with her talent alone not to mention
she is a pretty fabulous person in general. Thanks for
working with me Gilly, can’t wait to see where you go
and what you do next, I know it will be big.



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