Sarah + Clinton’s Wedding

Sarah + Clinton, all the love in the world for two people, two
people who took a chance on me knowing I had not shot a
wedding before and for what you wrote back to me made me
feel so loved and made me realise the reason a wedding day
should be captured by a photographer and all I can say is how
lucky I felt on this day for the photographer to have been me.

Sarah + Clinton’s Wedding. I met the two of them three days
before their wedding, I had only found out a week before that
I would be shooting my first wedding seven days later, Sarah +
Clinton told me how something important to them was
capturing their love on the day but also moments with their
family, we got to chatting and three days later I captured their
wedding day.

Sarah + Clinton’s ceremony was at a home overlooking the beach
front with their family, a small ceremony but a meaningful one
where the mothers of the bride and groom blessed the rings
before the bride and groom exchanged them. Sarah + Clinton were
so beautifully wrapped in each other’s love. We made our way down
to the beach after celebrating the marriage with well wishes from
the family. Along the beach I captured the real + raw love between
Sarah + Clinton, so comfortable and intimate with one another. Their
day was surrounded by meaningful people in their lives and for them
you could really see their was something special about being
surrounded by the ones who have been along their journey.

Thank you for being so wonderful + letting me capture something
so special and meaningful.

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