Shallyn + Lachlan

You know when they say something was a turning point
in their career? This was my turning point. Before I get
into the crazy chat about how obsessed I was with this
shoot and how Shallyn + Lachlan interact with each other
I wanted to say something. I have been a photographer
for three months now, three months, and in that time I
have had my first ever photoshoot, quite a number of
couple sessions, a maternity shoot, a newborn shoot,
three weddings booked, engagement sessions booked,
maternity and couple sessions booked all for the upcoming
months. I don’t usually like to write about my successes
because I am someone who likes to keep my business to
myself and not feel as though I am gloating about things.
However, in three months I found my style which will
change and differ over the years to come but right now
I am in awe of this shoot because it made me realise
why I do what I do.

If you read my about page or get in
touch page or just know me and my work you would
know how much i thrive on catching real, raw + intimate
moments. On Saturday the 25th of August I was able to
capture something I am really passionate about. Not
only did I capture real, raw + intimate moments but I
captured banter, spontaneous moments, alternative
spaces, and a whole lot of authenticity surrounding the
idea of fun and how ridiculously fun this couple was.
I worked in a space I have loved since I was fourteen,
I shot with a couple who are creative + in theatre and
I had worked extremely hard on learning camera
settings, how to work on exposure and how to shoot
in manual. If you want to know me + my style take
a look at this shoot.

Okay so I am totally OBSESSED with this couple and
this session! Shallyn + Lachlan met about 3 years ago,
in a rehearsal for a uni show, Shallyn says Lachlan
took selfies on her phone instead of a group photo.
When I asked Shallyn and Lachlan what they wanted
to showcase throughout their session Lachlan’s
response was “make us look cool”, Shallyn’s response
was she wanted to showcase “how fun and happy we
are around each other where nothing is taken too
seriously”. These two are such loveable humans, their
wasn’t a moment where one of us wasn’t laughing.
The shoot was filled with all the things stated,
happiness, banter, cool moments, but just some real
raw crazy love. I cannot even describe how much fun
Shallyn + Lachlan’s shoot was. So here is the showcasing
of Shallyn + Lachlan’s love, I really don’t need to
describe anymore the photos tell the story.

Also… this was my first shoot at the powerhouse and if
anyone is thinking of getting married or eloping their or
wanting to get photos done there hit me up, I will be you girl!



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