Jaydah + DJ

I have never had to experience long distance myself, but I knew
it is something that takes a lot of work, determination and love,
something I didn’t was just how much it did. Jaydah + DJ met in
senior year, but it isn’t your typical high school musical, they met
at Confraternity and for those of who you don’t know what that
is, it is the annual rugby league comp between schools from around
Queensland. Jaydah lives in Bundaberg and DJ lives in Rockhampton
which means a lot of time apart and travel but you wouldn’t find a
more perfect couple than these two who through long distance have
such a raw and powerful love for each other. They go back and forth
each weekend to spend as much time as possible together, Jaydah
always says how she cannot wait until the day there is no more long
goodbyes, no more tears when he leaves and no more long distance
between them, and I think we all get what she means, these two are
crazy about each other and throughout the shoot I saw them get lost
in their happiness together and I think something about that is truly

This shoot was for their one year anniversary so they had something
to hold onto between visits, I can not tell you how much love was
thrown around in this session, they literally never stopped looking
into each others eyes and the raw emotion was overwhelming to see
how strong and how in love they really are. I felt so unbelievably
lucky to capture their moment because it taught me how to capture
a love that has had to work through distance and stay strong when
they missed each other the most. I am so happy for you guys and I
am so excited for the day you no longer have to say goodbye other
than when one of you leaves for work, your love is really something
else and i am so happy for you both. Happy one year you two,
love you guys.


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