Jewel + Sam

You know what I seriously love about my couples, the fact
that they are down for adventure + lying in the middle
of the ocean between the sand bar in the middle of winter
in Australia and it might not be that cold here but it is sure
windy so just think of whipping winds and sand then getting
out of fresh + nippy water into that, but hey, it’s about an
experience and a spontaneous moment captured perfectly.

Sam + Jewel were a ridiculous amount of fun to shoot, they
never stopped dancing the entire shoot, I think we spent a
good 30 minutes dancing and singing to country out on the
sand bar and there was no complaints because who doesn’t
love dancing in the middle of the ocean. For an afternoon at
the beach I didn’t expect to have so much fun capturing two
people crazy for each other, climbing trees, acting like big kids
and two people whose happiness and joy for life just shines
through everything they do. Their love for each other was shown
by how much drive they have for life, I could tell from capturing
their moment just how much thrill they had being together and
living life. Two people who truly show what it means to be happy
and appreciate the small things like dancing in the middle of the
ocean on a sand bar while listening to Country music.



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