Matthew Munro

Matthew Munro is an upcoming singer, a musician, a down to
earth guy + a mad talent. This is the second session I have
done with Matt, firstly as a portfolio building session and
now official for his solo career of being an up and coming
travelling country music singer who spends most of his time
in Tamworth.

Let’s just say the roads we went over to get these shots were
well worth it. Spending an afternoon in a macadamia farm,
a lake, a cain farm and in the backyard of a farmer’s house.
I spent an hour and a half crying over the fact that Matt
is crazy good at singing and I couldn’t sing to save myself
even though I insisted on having an in car karaoke session
between destinations. I am so proud of this kid who I am
very lucky to call a dear friend, so excited to see what the
future holds for you and your music career Munro.



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