Miranda + Liam

What is it about falling in love? Is it about the personality, the
love, the eyes, the mouth or the intimacy, so many people fall
in love with another due to these qualities. For so many couples
it’s about the intimacy, the purity of a relationship, the small
things rather than the obvious things.

Miranda + Liam were one of those couples that you know fell
in love with all the small details rather than the details obvious
to others. I have known Miranda now for about 6 years + I met
Liam on the day of this shoot, looking at these two together was
like something out of a romance film, so in love which each other,
there minds and eyes so intertwined, + they were so comfortable
just being together in front of a camera even if Liam thought he
would need some Whiskey to calm the nerves. You two are so
beautiful together, never lose your love of the little things for
each other, because if there is something obvious about you two,
it’s that your wildly in love.



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