Alana + Jacob

Alana + Jacob were a love of some kind of infectious romance
that spread to me as the photographer, giving endless minutes
filled of pure joy and warmth as I photographed their moments,
laughing more than possible which made it hard to take a single
shot without having a giggle on the side.

Alana + Jacob never stopped smiling or laughing and this is what
capturing their moment was all about, I have known Alana for
most of my life, well it feels that way and the first time I met Jacob
was at their photoshoot. I am telling you now I have never seen
Alana so positively content + beaming with happiness, her eyes
were gleaming with a glowing joy and for Jacob’s, his were filled
with a warm love that was only for Alana.

Also on a side note the main joke of the shoot was that I continuously
would call Jacob Ben for some unknown reason which by the time
of the end of the shoot, it had us in tears of laughter considering you
think after and hour and a half I would have learnt his name!
Working with these two human beings was like an unreal experience,
a couple so perfectly intertwined, a chemistry couple you could say,
they were so involved in each other’s love for one another that
capturing their moments was pure bliss. Never have I been behind
the camera and found one of my couples not deeply in love, but
these two were something else and I guess when you know
someone for so long, you find their happiness overwhelming
when they have found someone in their world who completes them.



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