Erin + Bailey

If a couple says they are awkward in front of a camera
together, I don’t know if I could believe it after
photographing these two yesterday who supposedly were.
A couple so comfortable with each other, so in love from a
photographers perspective, Erin + Bailey gave off the look
as if though there was no one else around them, just them
and their undying love for one another. I am so privileged
to call these two truly wonderful people my friends, they
were a ball to work with. Needless to say it was one
wonderful afternoon with dear friends. This shoot was an
eye opener for me within my work, I felt more comfortable
and felt as though this shoot was a huge step in the direction
to where I want to go, I am incredibly proud of this shoot
and will be forever thankful of Erin + Bailey who were so
lovely to consider working with me. Thank you Bucky +
Jenkins, love you guys.



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