Sarah + Joel

I have never seen a couple be so frivolous to make
the other one giggle just by hovering their hands
over their body, this is what happens when Joel is
very sensitive to being tickled. Considering this was
the first shoot with my camera I would just like to say
a huge thank you to the beautiful pair Sarah and Joel
who were a breeze to work with and were hilariously
wonderful when it came to shooting. We started the
afternoon down a dirt track with a railway and cattle
grids, trying to not lose our stepping or shoes in the
rocks. Sarah and Joel took their time trying to dance
along the train-track to Sarah throwing herself and
her dress up into the back of Joel’s ute.

The shoot then moved on to Sarah’s bedroom where I have never
seen so many laughs happen in one place in time
between pashing, intimate moments and an aggressively
intense pillow fight. After letting Sarah recover from
being suffocated under a pillow we then made our
way to the windbreak and forestry not far from her
back verandah. The couple walked through trees
glancing towards each other, sitting on logs of timber
and in knee high grass giggling at Joel getting bitten
by ants in unfortunate places. Their laughter only
became more hysterical when it was up to Sarah to
teach Joel how to dip her while dancing without
dropping her on the grass bed beneath her.

The afternoon ended with an intimate moment in a
horse paddock not far from her house, holding
each other closely as the cold of the evening
breezed through. Sarah & Joel, your immense
love for one another shined through the session
and I was unbelievably privileged to be the girl
behind the camera capturing these pure and intimate
moments. Love you guys.



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