Valley Monsters Launch Party

In 2017 a brand began with a name, the brand then evolved over the course of twelve months, going through planning, to drawing boards, to printing, to launching to the public.

This is Valley Monsters.

‘Valley Monsters is the offspring of a Saturday spent day drinking by two mates from Brisbane caught in the corporate rat race. Striving to do something more than just push a pencil for a living, they decided to start their own street apparel line. Taking inspiration from dwelling in Dive Bars, Back Alleys, and all round shady establishments, Valley Monsters delivers products that keep you looking sharp and playing hard.’

As a public eye and a sister of the co-founder Michael Doolan and the adopted sister of Michael Ketter, Valley Monsters is a progression of street art turned into urban apparel, slightly hipster, slightly street with a touch of dive bars, back alleys and people spending their weekends with a spray can in one hand and a beer in the other. They grew from an afternoon session in The Green to a brand evolving into a creative community.

This is Valley Monsters.

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