A Barefoot, Bundaberg Couple, Engagement + Formal Photographer

2019 Bookings Open

Meet Maddison

I’m a barefoot photographer and by this, I mean I will be walking around our shoot, rock climbing to get the perfect angle most likely barefoot. I’m about intimacy here, most photographers talk about the authenticity of captured moments but the truth is we have to ask ourselves what is authenticity in a moment? The authenticity of my work is that I believe deeply in capturing the spontaneous moments, the ones where the real raw emotions come out and we see through images the deep intimacy between two souls. The truth is I want to capture real, raw + intimate moments throughout life. I've come to realise that within my work I tend to lean on the idea of raw emotion and capturing those moments that you can't just recreate unless you force yourself to stand in front of a camera in the same position and well that just isn’t the same is it? Things like your engagement, your proposal, your wedding day, your maternity, all the things in life that hold such pure and quite often the most spontaneous and out of the blue moments, the moments in life you should hold in a photograph. I believe in the authenticity (authenticity of pure raw emotion) of life being captured within a photograph. I shoot everything from couples to weddings to engagements to formals and more.